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Sweden: An Interesting Demographic Case Study In Internet Fraud

by alex on December 7, 2009

(quietly, wistfully singing “Yesterday” by the Beatles) From my favorite Swedish Infosec Blog, I don’t speak Swedish, so I couldn’t really read the fine article they linked to.  Do go read their blog post, I’ll wait here. Back?  Great.  (…)

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Evolution of Information Analysis

by alex on April 16, 2009

Real briefly, something that came to me reading Marcus Ranum over at Tenable’s Blog. Marcus writes: Usually, when I attack pseudo-science in computer security, someone replies, “Yes, but some data is better than none at all!”  Absolutely not true! Deceptive, (…)

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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

by alex on April 9, 2009

The Microsoft SIR was released 4/8 and is available for download here.  Some of the interesting stuff they put in graphs is from the Open Security Foundation’s OSF Data Loss Database (  Among the interesting things in the Microsoft SIR: (…)

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by alex on April 8, 2009

The WSJ has an article up today about how the Russians and Chinese are mapping the US electirical grid.  What I thought was more interesting was the graph they used (which is only mildly related to the article itself). If (…)

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