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NotObvious On Heartland

by alex on December 21, 2009

I posted this also to the mailing list.  Sorry if discussing in multiple  venues ticks you off. The Not Obvious blog has an interesting write up on the Heartland Breach and impact.  From the blog post: “Heartland has had (…)

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NEW: Verizon 2009 DBIR Supplement

by Russell on December 9, 2009

The supplement provides case studies, involving anonymous Verizon clients, that detail some of the tools and methods hackers used to compromise the more than 285 million sensitive records that were breached in 90 forensic cases Verizon handled last year.

The Cost of a Near-Miss Data Breach

by Russell on October 6, 2009

Near misses are very valuable signals regarding future losses. If we ignore them in our cost metrics, we might make some very poor decisions. This example shows that there is a qualitative difference between “ground truth data” (in this case, historical cash flow for data breach events) and overall security metrics, which need to reflect our estimates about the future, a.k.a. risk.