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Some random cloudy thinking

by Chandler on October 8, 2011

Thanks to the announcement of Apple’s iCloud, I’ve been forced to answer several inquiries about The Cloud this week.  Now, I’m coming out of hiding to subject all of you to some of it… The thing that you must never (…)

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Dear CloudTards: “Securing” The Cloud isn’t the problem…

by alex on September 14, 2010

@GeorgeResse pointed out this article from @DavidLinthicum today.  And from a Cloud advocate point of view I like four of the assertions.  But his point about Cloud Security is off: “While many are pushing back on cloud computing due (…)

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Thinking about Cloud Security & Vulnerability Research: Three True Outcomes

by alex on June 28, 2010

When opining on security in “the cloud” we, as an industry, speak very much in terms of real and imagined threat actions.  And that’s a good thing: trying to anticipate security issues is a natural, prudent task. In Lori McVittie’s (…)

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Time To Patch, Patch Significance, & Types of Cloud Computing

by alex on May 5, 2009

Recently, a quote from Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek struck me kind of weird when I was reading Chris Hoff yet again push our hot buttons on cloud definitions and the concepts of information security survivability.  Wolfgang says (and IIRC, this (…)

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