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The Worst User Experience In Computer Security?

by adam on January 16, 2014

I’d like to nominate Xfinity’s “walled garden” for the worst user experience in computer security. For those not familiar, Xfinity has a “feature” called “Constant Guard” in which they monitor your internet for (I believe) DNS and IP connections for (…)

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Email Security Myths

by adam on November 17, 2012

My buddy Curt Hopkins is writing about the Patraeus case, and asked: I wonder, in addition to ‘it’s safe if it’s in the draft folder,’ how many additional technically- and legally-useless bits of sympathetic magic that people regularly use in (…)

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Effective training: Wombat’s USBGuru

by adam on November 12, 2012

Many times when computers are compromised, the compromise is stealthy. Take a moment to compare that to being attacked by a lion. There, the failure to notice the lion is right there, in your face. Assuming you survive, you’re going (…)

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How Harvey Mudd Brings Women into CS

by adam on April 4, 2012

Back in October, I posted on “Maria Klawe on increasing Women in Technology.” Now the New York Times has a story, “Giving Women The Access Code:” “Most of the female students were unwilling to go on in computer science because (…)

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