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New York Times gets Pwned, Responds all New School

by adam on January 31, 2013

So there’s a New York Times front page story on how “Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months.” I just listened to the NPR story with Nicole Perlroth, who closed out saying: “Of course, no company wants (…)

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The High Price of the Silence of Cyberwar

by adam on January 9, 2013

A little ways back, I was arguing [discussing cyberwar] with thegrugq, who said “[Cyberwar] by it’s very nature is defined by acts of espionage, where all sides are motivated to keep incidents secret.” I don’t agree that all sides are (…)

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Infosec Lessons from Mario Batali’s Kitchen

by adam on December 3, 2012

There was a story recently on NPR about kitchen waste, “No Simple Recipe For Weighing Food Waste At Mario Batali’s Lupa.” Now, normally, you’d think that a story on kitchen waste has nothing to do with information security, and you’d (…)

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Hoff on AWS

by adam on November 30, 2012

Hoff’s blog post “Why Amazon Web Services (AWS) Is the Best Thing To Happen To Security & Why I Desperately Want It To Succeed” is great on a whole bunch of levels. If you haven’t read it, go do that. (…)

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Control-Alt-Hack: Now available from Amazon!

by adam on November 22, 2012

Amazon now has copies of Control Alt Hack, the card game that I helped Tammy Denning and Yoshi Kohno create. Complimentary copies for academics and those who won copies at Blackhat are en route. From the website: Control-Alt-Hack™ is a (…)

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I wish we had their problems

by adam on October 24, 2012

Ben Goldacre talks about how physicians are only getting data on tests that come out positive: I look forward to the day when infosec standards are set based on some tests or evidence, and we have to fight to extract (…)

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Running a Game at Work

by adam on October 15, 2012

Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing Sebastian Deterding speak on ‘9.5 Theses About Gamification.’ I don’t want to blog his entire talk, but one of his theses relates to “playful reframing”, and I think it says a lot to (…)

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The Boy Who Cried Cyber Pearl Harbor

by adam on October 12, 2012

There is, yet again, someone in the news talking about a cyber Pearl Harbor. I wanted to offer a few points of perspective. First, on December 6th, 1941, the United States was at peace. There were worries about the future, (…)

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What can we learn from the social engineering contest?

by adam on September 20, 2012

I was struck by the lead of Kelly Jackson Higgins’ article on the Defcon Social Engineering Contest: Walmart was the toughest nut to crack in last year’s social engineering competition at the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas, but what (…)

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Smashing the Future for Fun and Profit

by adam on September 10, 2012

I’d meant to post this at BlackHat. I think it’s worth sharing, even a bit later on: I’m excited to have be a part of a discussion with others who spoke at the first Blackhat: Bruce Schneier, Marcus Ranum, Jeff (…)

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