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Podcast: DevSecOps

by nsadmin on February 13, 2019

I did a podcast with Mark Miller over at DevSecOps days. It was a fun conversation, and you can have a listen at “Anticipating Failure through Threat Modeling w/ Adam Shostack.”

So nice that you’ve stayed!

by adam on June 11, 2018

I was looking at the server logs here, and I discovered that a lot of readers are still showing up. Thank you! I’ve moved my blogging to That’s where I post. However, since you’re still here, I’m going to (…)

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Please vote for the social security blogger awards!

by adam on January 28, 2014

Alan Shimmy has the nominations for the 2014 Social Security bloggers award! New School has been nominated for most entertaining, while Emergent Chaos has been nominated for best representing the security industry and the hall of fame.

Google Reader Going Away

by adam on June 30, 2013

Remarkably, some software that people host on your behalf, where you have no contract or just a contract of adhesion, can change at any time. This isn’t surprising to those who study economics, as all good New School readers try (…)

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Please vote New School

by adam on January 12, 2012

We’re honored to be nominated in three categories for the Security Bloggers Awards: Most Educational Most Entertaining Hall of Fame On behalf of all of us who blog here, we’re honored by the nomination, and would like to ask for (…)

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The New School of Software Engineering?

by adam on January 11, 2012

This is a great video about how much of software engineering runs on folk knowledge about how software is built: “Greg Wilson – What We Actually Know About Software Development, and Why We Believe It’s True” There’s a very strong (…)

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New podcast with Dave Birch

by adam on January 3, 2012

I really enjoyed a conversation with Dave Birch for Consult Hyperion’s “Tomorrow’s Transactions” podcast series. The episode is here. We covered the New School, lessons learned from Zero-Knowledge Systems, and games for security and privacy.

Risk Hose Podcast #14 with Adam and Alex

by adam on November 23, 2011

I’m on episode 14 of the Risk Hose podcast, with co-blogger Alex. Chris, Jay and Alex are joined by Adam Shostack and we dig into the topic of feedback loops within Information Security. You should check it out! Episode 14: (…)

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