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Cheezy Lines by a BioStatistician

by alex on December 6, 2011

from Biostatistics Ryan Gosling Including my favorite:             Thanks to my friend Bob Rudis for the headsup.

Worst.Technology.Application.Ever. (?)

by alex on July 22, 2011

It’s occurring to me this morning that in terms of benefit/cost, purely in “damage to society” terms, the decision to put html in emails could be one of the worst ideas in the past 25 years. But that’s just me.  Your thoughts (…)

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Are Lulz our best practice?

by adam on June 10, 2011

Over at, Patrick Grey has an entertaining and thought-provoking article, “Why we secretly love LulzSec:” LulzSec is running around pummelling some of the world’s most powerful organisations into the ground… for laughs! For lulz! For shits and giggles! Surely (…)

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Nate Silver in the NYT: A Bayesian Look at Assange

by alex on December 15, 2010

From The Fine Article: Under these circumstances, then, it becomes more likely that the charges are indeed weak (or false) ones made to seem as though they are strong. Conversely, if there were no political motivation, then the merits of (…)

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Can’t measure love

by Chandler on December 14, 2010

But you can still evaluate the quality of the effort Likewise, there’s a lot that you can’t measure about security and risk, but you can still infer something from how the effort is pursued.

Lazy Sunday, Lazy Linking

by alex on December 12, 2010

Hey, remember when blogging was new and people would sometimes post links instead of making “the $variable Daily” out of tweets?  Well even though I’m newschool with the security doesn’t mean I can’t kick it oldschool every so often.  So (…)

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How to become a thought leader

by adam on December 3, 2010

Thanks to Chris Eng for making this!

Dilbert goes Cranky New School

by adam on November 7, 2010

Thanks, N! (Added link)

Don’t fight the zeitgeist, CRISC Edition

by Chandler on September 14, 2010

Some guy recently posted a strangely self-defeating link/troll/flame in an attempt to (I think) argue with Alex and/or myself regarding the relevance or lack thereof of ISACA’s CRISC certification.  Now given that I think he might have been doing it (…)

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Friday WTF?

by alex on September 10, 2010

CSO Online has an article based on an unlinked Forrester study that claims: The survey of 2,803 IT decision-makers worldwide found improving business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities is the number one priority for small and medium businesses and the (…)

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