The White Box Essays (Book Review)

by nsadmin on April 10, 2019

The White Box, and its accompanying book, “The White Box Essays” are a FANTASTIC resource, and I wish I’d had them available to me as I designed Elevation of Privilege and helped with Control-Alt-Hack. The book is for people who (…)

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Science of Security, Science for Security

by adam on April 9, 2019

There’s an interesting article in Bentham’s Gaze, “Science ‘of’ or ‘for’ security?” It usefully teases apart some concepts, and, yes, it probably is consistent with the New School.

‘No need’ to tell the public(?!?)

by nsadmin on April 8, 2019

When Andrew and I wrote The New School, and talked about the need to learn from other professions, we didn’t mean for doctors to learn from ‘cybersecurity thought leaders’ about hiding their problems: …Only one organism grew back. C. auris. (…)

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