Base Rate & Infosec

by adam on September 25, 2012

At SOURCE Seattle, I had the pleasure of seeing Jeff Lowder and Patrick Florer present on “The Base Rate Fallacy.” The talk was excellent, lining up the idea of the base rate fallacy, how and why it matters to infosec. (…)

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What can we learn from the social engineering contest?

by adam on September 20, 2012

I was struck by the lead of Kelly Jackson Higgins’ article on the Defcon Social Engineering Contest: Walmart was the toughest nut to crack in last year’s social engineering competition at the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas, but what (…)

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Compliance Lessons from Lance

by adam on September 17, 2012

Recently, Lance Armstrong decided to forgo arbitration in his fight against the USADA over allegations of his use of certain performance enhancing drugs. His statement is “Full text of Armstrong statement regarding USADA arbitration.” What I found interesting about the (…)

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SOURCE Seattle

by adam on September 13, 2012

I’ll be at SOURCE Seattle this week. I’m really excited to be speaking on “Security Lessons from Star Wars” at 10AM today.

Smashing the Future for Fun and Profit

by adam on September 10, 2012

I’d meant to post this at BlackHat. I think it’s worth sharing, even a bit later on: I’m excited to have be a part of a discussion with others who spoke at the first Blackhat: Bruce Schneier, Marcus Ranum, Jeff (…)

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One more request for help

by adam on September 8, 2012

If someone could suggest a specific way to make the blog title image work to bring you to the home page, that’d be most appreciated. Update, I think I fixed most of it. Thanks in particular to commenter “M”, who (…)

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Theme breakage, help?

by adam on September 8, 2012

The blog header image is repeating because of something in the stylesheets. I can’t see where the bug is. If someone can help out, I’d be much obliged. Expanded to add: It appears that there’s a computed “repeat” on the (…)

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