Toorcamp: Gender Issues, Cognitive Psychology and Hacking

by adam on April 27, 2012

So the announcement for Toorcamp is out, and it looks like an exciting few days. A few talks already announced look very new school, including “How you can be an ally to us females” by Danielle Hulton and Leigh Honeywell, (…)

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Checklists and Information Security

by adam on April 10, 2012

I’ve never been a fan of checklists. Too often, checklists replace thinking and consideration. In the book, Andrew and I wrote: CardSystems had the required security certification, but its security was compromised, so where did things goo wrong? Frameworks such (…)

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Dear FBI, Who Lost $1Billion?

by adam on April 5, 2012

In a widely discussed op-ed, Richard Clarke wrote: It’s not hard to imagine what happens when an American company pays for research and a Chinese firm gets the results free; it destroys our competitive edge. Shawn Henry, who retired last (…)

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How Harvey Mudd Brings Women into CS

by adam on April 4, 2012

Back in October, I posted on “Maria Klawe on increasing Women in Technology.” Now the New York Times has a story, “Giving Women The Access Code:” “Most of the female students were unwilling to go on in computer science because (…)

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