Discussing Norm Marks’ GRC Wishlist for 2012

by alex on December 21, 2011

Norm Marks of the famous Marks On Governance blog has posted his 2012 wishlist.  His blog limits the characters you can leave in a reply, so I thought I’d post mine here. 1.  Norm Wishes for “A globally-accepted organizational governance (…)

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The New School of Security Predictions

by adam on December 21, 2011

Bill Brenner started it with “Stop them before they predict again!:” My inbox has been getting hammered with 2012 vendor security predictions since Halloween. They all pretty much state the obvious: Mobile malware is gonna be a big deal Social (…)

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Owning Up to Pwnage (Part 2)

by adam on December 20, 2011

On Saturday, I discussed how “I bolluxed our blog theme.” “More to the point, we here at the New School talk a good game about how we need to talk about problems, rather than cover them up. So here’s our (…)

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APT didn’t eat our theme. Adam did.

by adam on December 17, 2011

If you read this blog with a web-reader, you’ll note our (ahem) excellent new theme, and may be saying, wow, guys, “nice job” Yeah. Ooops. I upgraded to WordPress 3.3, and upgraded our theme, and in so doing, overwrote some (…)

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ThreatPost Podcast with Adam Shostack

by adam on December 15, 2011

Last week I did a podcast with Dennis Fisher. In it, we touched on what I might change in the book. Take a listen at: “Adam Shostack on Methods of Compromise, the New School and Learning“

Top 5 Security Influencers of 2011

by adam on December 12, 2011

I really like Gunnar Peterson’s post on “Top 5 Security Influencers:” Its December and so its the season for lists. Here is my list of Top 5 Security Influencers, this is the list with the people who have the biggest (…)

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Particularly NewSchool Job Posting

by alex on December 8, 2011

From Keith Weinbaum, Director of Information Security of Quicken Loans Inc. https://www.quickenloanscareers.com/web/ApplyNow.aspx?ReqID=53545 From the job posting: WARNING:  If you believe in implementing security only for the sake of security or only for the sake of checking a box, then this (…)

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Cheezy Lines by a BioStatistician

by alex on December 6, 2011

from Biostatistics Ryan Gosling Including my favorite:             Thanks to my friend Bob Rudis for the headsup.

Paper: “The Future of Work is Play”

by adam on December 1, 2011

My colleague Ross Smith has just presented an important new paper, “The Future of Work is Play” at the IEEE International Games Innovation Conference. There’s a couple of very useful lessons in this paper. One is the title, and the (…)

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