30 vs 150,000

by adam on May 30, 2010

For your consideration, two articles in today’s New York Times. First, “How to Remind a Parent of the Baby in the Car?:” INFANTS or young children left inside a vehicle can die of hyperthermia in a few hours, even when (…)

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B-Sides Las Vegas Call For Papers

by alex on May 26, 2010

Friend of the blog and TV’s own <grin> Chris Nickerson has firmed up B-Sides for Las Vegas and is looking for a few good people to submit a few good presos. I spoke last year with David Mortman and it (…)

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Society of Information Risk Analysts

by alex on May 25, 2010

I was talking with (the now nationally famous) Rich Mogull at Secure360 last week in St. Paul (fabulous security gathering, btw, I highly recommend it), and he reiterated his position that we had too much “echo chamber” and not enough (…)

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Getting the time dimension right

by Russell on May 6, 2010

If you are developing or using security metrics, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to deal with the dimension of time. “Data” tells you about the past. “Security” is a judgement about the present. “Risk” is a cost of the future, brought to the present. The way to marry these three is through social learning processes.

“Cyber Economic Incentives” is one of three themes at Federal Cybersecurity R&D Kickoff Event

by Russell on May 3, 2010

This event will be the first discussion of these Federal cybersecurity R&D objectives and will provide insights into the priorities that are shaping the direction of Federal research activities. One of the three themes is “Cyber economic incentives — foundations for cyber security markets, to establish meaningful metrics, and to promote economically sound secure practices.”