Voltage Predicts the Future

by adam on June 30, 2009

It’s easy to critique the recent Voltage report on breaches. (For example, “2009 started out to be a good year for hackers; in the first three months alone, there were already 132 data breaches reported.” That there were 132 breaches (…)

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Thanks, Jeffrey Bennett

by adam on June 29, 2009

In “Books that should be in a security manager’s library,” Jeffrey Bennett says nice things about The New School (the book) and suggests that it’s one of eight that “no professional library is complete without.” Thanks!

More Friday Skepticism

by Chandler on June 26, 2009

Since Adam started it, I’ll add a link to a nice YouTube video about how to be a good skeptic h/t BoingBoing

Death-related items

by Chandler on June 26, 2009

I’m cleaning out my pending link list with couple morbidly-thematic links. Old-but-interesting (2007 vintage) list of relative likelihoods of death compared to dying in a terrorist attack.  For example… You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car (…)

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Visualization Friday & More!

by alex on June 26, 2009

OK, so this week for Visualization Friday, I’m going to point you to just one thing: At Last, a Scientific Approach to Infographics A blog post by the awesome visualization expert Stephen Few that praises: Visual Language for Designers: Principles (…)

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Science, Skepticism and Security

by adam on June 26, 2009

Rich Mogull has a great post on “Science, Skepticism and Security” In the security industry we never lack for theories or statistics, but very few of them are based on sound scientific principles, and often they cannot withstand scientific scrutiny. (…)

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Economics of Information Security

by adam on June 24, 2009

Ross Anderson is liveblogging the 2009 Workshop on Economics of Information Security. I’m in Seattle, and thus following eagerly. It seems Bruce isn’t liveblogging this time. I know I found it challenging to be a stenographer and a participant at (…)

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Visualization Friday!

by alex on June 19, 2009

Yesterday I got to see what might have been one of the most amazing(ly bad) security dashboards I’ve ever seen.  And those who have read my posts on visualization know that I find the visualization of risk & security to (…)

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The Trouble With Metrics

by adam on June 18, 2009

Is that they can be gamed. See “ Terror law used to stop thousands ‘just to balance racial statistics’” in the Guardian: Thousands of people are being stopped and searched by the police under their counter-­terrorism powers – simply to (…)

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Green Dam

by Chandler on June 13, 2009

Update 26 June 2009: The status of Green Dam’s optionality is still up in the air.  See, for example, this news story on PC makers’ efforts to comply, which points out that Under the order, which was given to manufacturers (…)

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